The Future Of Sheds, Season Cabins, And Portable Garages

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Today more than ever, we have a need for portable cabins, garages, and shed-like storage spaces. The rising popularity of design and improved construction technology are the main factors contributing to the growth of the quality shed market.

You see, not too long ago, people settled for sheds that suffered from degradation, fade, rust, and wear over time. These sheds were inexpensive and looked shabby in no time. Many were also plain and boring and an eyesore on an otherwise great-looking property.

Since then, introduction of innovative shed designs that live up to homeowners’ expectations and offer unmatched convenience and durability have hit the market. At Morinville Colony Sheds, we keep innovating and building structures that match your home and add to the functionality and beauty of your property.

Apart from aesthetic advantages, our sheds, cabins, and garages are durable and built to last for generations. Their quality will bring up the value of your property, turn heads, and make you “wow” at the thoughtful designs that have been incorporated into our products.

As far as savings are concerned, the sky is the limit. For example, instead of renting an office space, a writer can adopt a shed as a backyard writer’s studio. That saves the costs of leasing and commuting and offers a secluded getaway for creative thinking. Similarly, if you need a place to park an additional vehicle or somewhere to store your garden equipment and you lack space in your garage, a shed will ensure your possessions remain safe and secure.

All the many advantages sheds and cabins offer and the publicity the portable shed sector has been getting has ensured we have stayed busy over the past couple of years. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were operational as people realized a shed could be an entertainment spot on its own or in conjunction with an outdoor patio or deck.

Another reason we are always busy is the trend that is seeing larger homes built on smaller lots. Due to the space constraints, consumers need optimum organization for the ideal utilization of their outdoor space. Backyard storage shed just happens to be the answer.

It is expected that more and more people will follow this trend and realize that a shed can be built on relatively little land, with little investment and little work, which in turn will lead to increased business for us.

For more details about the latest developments in portable sheds, cabins, and garages, reach out to Morinville Colony Sheds. Over the last fifteen years, we have built hundreds of quality sheds, garages, and cabins. Many of these sheds are customized, as our trained salesperson conducts onsite visits to assure the accuracy of all structures. Every structure is additionally made with high-grade, long-lasting material and can be suited to match any color or building. We serve customers across Fort McMurray, Edson, Hinton, Cold Lake, Saint Paul, Bonnyville, Glendon, Sturgeon County, Edmonton, Jasper, Boyle, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Rocky Mountain House and the surrounding areas.

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