Common Mistakes People Make When Building A DIY Shed

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Portable buildings are perfect for people who desire extra storage space but don’t want to opt for renting high-priced storage units or let go of their prized possessions. Interestingly, when constructing portable buildings, many people prefer the DIY option, which offers flexibility, versatility, and is conveniently used for storing all kinds of goods. In addition, there are several unique features that one can opt for based on their requirements, taste, and style. 

However, when ordering DIY portable structures, it’s essential that you select an experienced building manufacturer that uses high-quality materials. It will avoid having to continuously repair or replace sheds and garages, which could prove expensive. There are also other significant challenges that can turn your dream DIY project into a nightmare. So, to ensure you get your DIY project right and avoid costly errors, Morinville Colony Sheds has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when building a DIY shed.

1. Ordering smaller shed size
When ordering a building, most people tend to order a smaller size than required. As a result, It fills up quickly, and within a year or less, they find themselves calling back and ordering another one. Assessing your needs and the size of your building you’d require is essential, as it will help you save money, time, and the hassle of having to reorder.

2. Doing interiors by themselves
Some people prefer doing a portion of the interior work themselves after ordering a building. On the surface, it might seem like a great idea to get the interior designed as per your taste and style. 

However, people overestimate the amount of time they have and don’t have the knowledge to do justice to the job. In the end, it either never gets done or doesn’t get done right.

3. Failing to assess the ground
Most people fail to prepare the ground for their installation appropriately as they don’t understand where their building will be sitting. Therefore, having a hard-packed gravel pad where the building will be placed will ensure that the structure won’t move or sink.

4. Forgetting the exterior
Many individuals order a building without the siding or finishing outside, thinking that they will do it themselves. Much like wanting to do the interiors themselves, this too seldom gets made as most people lack the skills to do a good job. Therefore, ordering the complete structure will help save potential problems that may arise later.

5. Unsure about the shed design
Most clients don’t exactly know what they want from their shed a lot of the time. They think the portable shed and garage manufacturer should know what size of a building they need. In all obviousness, the clients are in the best position to be aware of their requirements as the portable shed and garage builders are less likely to know what the clients want to put in it.

To avoid making these and other mistakes when building a DIY shed, get in touch with Morinville Colony Sheds, Sturgeon County’s custom portable shed and garage manufacturer. All portable sheds and garages are made with high-grade, long-lasting material and can be suited to match any color or building. 

We have built hundreds of quality sheds, garages, and cabins over the last fifteen years. Many of these sheds are customized, as our trained salesperson conducts onsite visits to assure the accuracy of all structures.

Every structure we build and deliver gives us great pride when they put a smile on our customers’ faces and generate positive feedback. We serve customers across Fort McMurray, Edson, Hinton, Cold Lake, Saint Paul, Bonnyville, Glendon, Sturgeon County, Edmonton, Jasper, Boyle, Peace River, Grande Prairie, Rocky Mountain House and the surrounding areas.

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