A Common Mistake People Make When Building A Shed

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A garden shed or storage gives homeowners more space and adds to the yard’s overall look. You can either hire an expert to build the shed or do it yourself. It may take you a week to finish building the shed, while a professional can complete the job in a day or two. However, if you decide to do the economical way, you will need to watch out for common shed building mistakes that are easy to make but easier to avoid if you take the time to plan. To help you avoid some basic errors before buying and setting up your shed, Morinville Colony Sheds wants you to take a look at one of the common mistakes people make when building a shed.

Poor shed foundation

Most homeowners make this mistake because they cheap out and don’t want to spend money on gravel. The long-term stability of your shed depends on the foundation. A shed should be placed on a solid level surface and slightly off the ground so that there proper water drainage and less moisture transfer from the soil.

So, start with a nice level-packed pad. You should put about four inches of crushed rock at the base of the building. However, when you don’t put gravel and level the pad, the shed can start rotting from the bottom due to dampness. So, to avoid moisture damage and not to mention possible pest infestation, make a nice gravel pad with crushed gravel of one inch bigger than the building all the way around and tamp or pack it well. That way you will not face any problems.

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