COVID Prevention While Working On Projects During A Pandemic

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The challenge with working in an industry that runs on physical work is that the pandemic put everything on hold without giving anyone a warning. The business significantly slowed down since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. We were not sure how to increase the amount of work we were bringing in as most of our clients were not comfortable handling this work during a pandemic. Furthermore, most of our work has to be done in person, which was another major negative as people did not want to meet others when there was a likely possibility of spreading the virus. We had to adapt to these changes and just started doing more through email and over the phone.

The downside is that we do not get as many people to come by and view the buildings, but a significant number of them are open to checking everything out over virtual calls. One of the most significant parts of running a business is always communicating with clients. We would usually have meetings and follow up with them, but as COVID-19 hit, we could not meet as we used to, so we started doing more on the phone and through email.

I work in my office and boys all work at the shop. We make sure we keep our six feet social distance. We have a team that comes into the office and shops and cleans and disinfects everything. We also make sure that we are following the rest of the rules like wearing masks and using hand sanitizers. We also made it a point of not changing our work hours because business was slow and we did not want to make it difficult for the people who were trying to get a task completed by the team.

The kind of jobs we handle and the business that we are in cannot have us working remotely. That comes with even greater responsibility, and that is being more careful and making sure that everybody keeps their distance. On the flip side, when it comes to dealing with our clients, we make sure we only allow two of them in our office at a time, and they must maintain the right amount of distance following the rules laid out. We make it a point to wear masks, carry sanitizer in the truck and have some lying around in the office.

We haven’t moved to any fancy software and stick to the basics with Gmail. There have been instances where we used Skype, but overall we try to work on the software that the client is comfortable with, without changing it too much. We are open to handling virtual events, but we have not organized any yet but are looking forward to the ones coming our way.

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