Frequently Asked Questions About Building A Shed

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When adding new elements to your property, like a shed, you need to understand what is and isn’t possible to ensure that your needs are met, and your building complies with State codes. To acquire the information you require, you may have a ton of questions but find answers difficult to come by. At Morinville Colony Sheds And Garages, we understand the challenges you may be facing and are happy to arm you with the most accurate information available. For this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about building a shed.

1. Do I require a permit?
Most sheds are 100sq/ft. or less, so they do not require you to obtain a permit.

2. Can you insulate the shed?
Yes, we can insulate the shed for you.

3. Can you wire these buildings?
Yes, we can do the wiring and get the inspection done on the wiring too!

4. What kind of finishing can you do on the outside? Siding, hard board, Can-ex-l, etc.?
We can do all kinds of finishings on the outside of a shed. Based on your request, we will do the needful.

5. What should the building be sitting on?
When we deliver the shed, you should have at least three inches of crushed gravel as a base which is as big as the shed.

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