What Makes Morinville Colony Sheds And Garages Stand Out

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About Morinville Colony Sheds And Garages
We are a family run business of shed and garage construction specialists. We excel in creating various structures, including custom ones, to meet specific needs. We have been in the business of making sheds and garages for about twenty years and have managed to take our company to new heights of success with every project.

We have a team of eight people in the shop, one delivery expert, and myself in the office. We also have a shed mover to move the constructions we build into place. The mover places the structure wherever the client needs it in their yard. That way, they don’t have to stress about doing it themselves. Besides this, we have a big shop or showplace at 56422 Hwy 44 Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada, where we put our work on display for clients to come and inspect our workmanship.

Every year, our business keeps growing as more and more clients get to know about us. Spring, summer, and fall are usually the busiest months for us with bookings from eight to ten weeks ahead for our buildings. On the other hand, wintertime is our slow period, which we use to build stock buildings that are ready to go when the snow has melted in spring.

Another aspect of this business that keeps us on our toes is adapting and evolving to new client demands and building codes. Similarly, as new technology is introduced to the construction industry, we need to stay aware of trends and add them to our line of work to deliver modern, high-quality solutions. In the future, we hope to build a huge shop and establish a more automated business to work quicker and more efficiently.

The Morinville Colony Sheds And Garages Difference
Our whole team, especially the guys that work in the shop, take pride in what they do. Without them doing the best they can, our business wouldn’t keep growing at its current rate. Moreover, the fact that we promise to take care of every building we sell even after it’s delivered has helped us stand out and grow our client base. We will fix anything that could possibly go wrong with the structures we build for as long as the customer has it.

In the last twenty years, not once have we been out of work. We believe that this is due to our high-quality work, energetic personality, and delivery of convenience. We usually measure the quality of our work based on the feedback we receive from our customers. In the last two decades, we’ve received tons of positive feedback, which has spurred us on through the years.

When it comes to our business’s personality, our customers love it as we are very friendly and casual, which allows them to feel comfortable with us. Our delivery of convenient services transportation and after-sales services have also helped us garner more clients. To add to this, we are open to new ideas, available when our clients need us, and accessible to them as per their requirements.

With good old-fashioned quality products and services, it’s easy to keep our customers happy, and that’s been our goal from the beginning. To provide our clients with quality, we rely heavily on our team of specialists who draw up and design our projects, go out on-site and physically assess it, get the colors, sizes, materials, do the actual building, and the delivery.

For quality management, we meet up at the office three times a day and talk over coffee about daily happenings in the company, and how we can better certain aspects of a project, construction in general, and our services.

Similarly, teamwork plays a significant role in our product and service quality. To encourage our staff to work as a team, we make sure that we are fair to everyone. That way, no one looks to outdo each other but helps the other reach their level of expertise. In addition to this, we get together every holiday so that everyone feels valued and included. We even like to reward our staff with three weeks of vacation time, twice a year. 

Apart from the work that we do, we also love to recycle. Every month, our office-related products and scraps from the shop are repurposed or recycled. We give scrap pieces of lumber to family, friends, customers, and anyone with wood-burning stoves to heat their place. We make it a strict practice to recycle everything we possibly can.

Every year, we even practice charity by donating to Stars (Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service, which is a non-profit helicopter air ambulance organization), and other local charities.

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